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Generators are essential evils in houses. They give you good service when a power failure occurs but they serve you with lot of noise also. The more powerful is the generator the noisier it is. Generally the generator muffler is designed to bring the noise level down but despite all that, these little monsters make lots of noise. Many people change and modify generator mufflers in order to bring the noise level down but it is not easy to find a quiet generator muffler.

One remedy for the problem is to buy and install a matching silent muffler for generator but it is not easy to install such mufflers. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for a silent generator when you buy one. Especially if you buy a portable generator, always go for a more silent generator. When you buy a generator, you must remember that the noise level a generator produces has no relationship to its size. There are some big generators with less noise levels than some smaller generators. It is the generator muffler that decides its noise level to a great extent.   

A generator muffler works on the principal that the sound doesn’t go through bends. Though the smoke has no interruption due to bends, the sound when reflected through a number of turns, dies down. Due to this reason, there are lots of sound reflecting surfaces inside a muffler. Due to this reason, when both sound and smoke enters a silencer generator muffler, only smoke comes out without any change and the sound is reduced to a very much lower level.

If your permanently fixed home generator muffler makes a lot of noise, you have the option to surround it with sand bags to prevent noise from coming out but you must provide for air circulation because your generator could over heat and burn. In case you are looking for a generator, look for one that is able to provide a lesser noise level than 72 decibels. Such a generator will have an efficient generator muffler which will be able to contain noise.

Even if you happen to buy a noisy generator, you have the option to buy a generator muffler in order to make your generator silent. The best generators on sound will not make any more noise than a silent air conditioner or a washing machine. A generator muffler for this purpose could be bought in the market for a very low sum of around $20.

While the generator muffler is used to bring the exhaust noise level down the generator manufacturers make an effort to bring down the noise generated though vibration also. They use various other modifications such as running the generator at lower speeds and employing over head camshafts in addition to having the generator muffler to reduce exhaust noise. However, you must make sure that the camping generator you buy has to be lower in weight to make it easily mobile. A heavy generator though good for home, will create transport problems when you try to take it to your camping site.

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